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8 Ball Pink PU Leather Jacket



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8 Ball Pink PU Leather Jacket

Hello to every fashion renegade and individuals who adore a little bit of joy in life. Let’s have a look at the 8-Ball Pink PU Leather Jacket that is witty, chic, and will give a twist to your dressing sense.

A Standout Color for the Bold

Not everyone can wear this jacket. The dark pink PU leather is the main attraction and is certain to catch your eye. The color is unexpected and daring, not what one would expect from a regular black or brown bomber jacket at all. It’s only a person who respects one’s style and chooses to look extraordinary using outfit styles, who can get in touch with it.

Effortless Style with Classic Bomber Design

Such an 8-ball Pink PU Leather Jacket, despite being very colorful, well keeps its timeless arrangement. Its classic bomber fabrication envelops ribbed cuffs collar and hem creating a neat structure. In addition to everything else, its front zipper serves both utilitarian purposes creating ease when layering. It looks absolutely good as closed when you want a sleek appearance or opened in case of going for slight relaxation; either way, this jacket is cool beyond doubt.

Subtle Details with a Playful Twist

The jacket is more than just a bold color; the playful details are also its selling point. Embroidered on both sleeves and at the back is the iconic 8-ball logo which gives a sense of fun and a gentle nod at someone who loves fun. The white embroidery provides the right balance for pink PU leather details which are noticeable yet not too much so.

Comfort Meets Style with High-Quality PU Leather

The dark color may mislead you but this flowing jacket is very comfortable. With the high-grade PU leather; soft and flexible it offers lavishness without necessarily costing as much as real ones do. This means you can wear it all day long due to its ability to hang properly giving you freedom to move around which makes it suitable for everyone.

The Perfect Finishing Touch for Any Outfit

The real selling point of this jacket is how versatile it is. For a night out, simply dress it up with dark wash jeans, a tight-fitting black T-shirt, and stylish heels. To get a more relaxed appearance, wear it with light blue jeans, a graphic tee, and your best pair of sneakers. Whichever outfit you wear, this jacket will always add an edgy feel and character. This is what makes it a great final touch in all outfits.

Worldwide Shipping to Complete Your Look

You will receive free shipping regardless of where in the world you place your order and this will help you feel happy and sure of yourself at no extra cost. Just because you’re too far from one point doesn’t mean you can’t make it there by yourself.

Embrace Your Inner Rebel and Add This Jacket to Your Cart Today!

In other words, it is more than just an outfit; nevertheless, it symbolizes fun, uniqueness, and a little disobeying. Any person who cherishes style should have the 8-Ball Pink PU Leather Jacket because of its dark color, traditional cut, amusing items, and perfect size. Therefore, do not let this distinct item go past you- put it in your cart right now for you to cause a stir everywhere you will be passing.

Product Specification:

  • Material: PU Leather 
  • Color: Pink
  • Sleeves: Full-Length Sleeves
  • Inner: Soft Viscose Lining
  • Front: Zippered Closure
  • Collar:  Rib Knitted Collar
  • Cuffs: Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Logo: 8 Ball Logo On Backside
  • Free Shipping Worldwide 
  • 25 Days Exchange Policy


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No Compromise on Quality

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