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B3 Women Mid Lenght Fur Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat



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B3 Women’s Fur Shearling Duffle Coat

Indulge in warmth and style with the B3 Women Mid-Length Fur Coat. This exquisite coat combines timeless design with superior materials, ensuring both elegance and coziness for the modern woman.

Premium Quality Shearling

Crafted from high-grade shearling, this coat offers unparalleled warmth and comfort. The soft, plush shearling lining provides insulation against the chill, while the genuine fur hood adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to your winter ensemble.

Chic and Versatile Design

The mid-length silhouette of this duffle coat strikes the perfect balance between fashion and function. Whether you’re strolling through the city streets or venturing into the countryside, this coat complements any outfit with its classic charm and understated elegance.

Attention to Detail

Every aspect of the B3 Women Mid-Length Fur Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat reflects meticulous craftsmanship. From the toggle button closures to the handcrafted stitching, each detail is thoughtfully executed to elevate your winter wardrobe.

Care Tips

To preserve the beauty and quality of your B3 Women Mid-Length Fur Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat, follow these care tips:

  1. Dry clean only to maintain the integrity of the shearling and fur components.
  2. Store the coat in a breathable garment bag during warmer months to protect it from dust and humidity.
  3. Use a soft brush or comb to gently remove any dirt or debris from the shearling and fur.
  4. Allow the coat to air dry naturally if it becomes damp, and avoid using heat sources such as hairdryers or radiators.


Embrace luxury and warmth this winter with the B3 Women Mid-Length Fur Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat. Whether you’re braving the elements or simply enjoying a leisurely day outdoors, this coat is a must-have addition to your cold-weather wardrobe. Elevate your style and stay cozy in this timeless piece of outerwear that exudes sophistication and charm.

Product Specification:

  • Aviator shearling coat
  • Material: Real Leather and Faux Leather
  • Closure: Button closure
  • Design: Mid-Lenght Coat
  • Color: Brown
  • Collar: Shirt-style collar
  • Free Shipping Worldwide
  • 25 Days Return Policy

12 reviews for B3 Women Mid Lenght Fur Shearling Hooded Duffle Coat

  1. Lillian B. Diamond

    Never thought I’d find a coat this iconic! The beige is instantly recognizable, the quality outstanding. Feels like I’m carrying a piece of wintertime elegance. Jackie Kennedy would be proud!

  2. Kimberly R. Head

    Forget the wind chills, this coat is my shield! Shearling makes me feel protected, the beige radiates warmth. Ready to face any weather, even without mittens.

  3. Maxine R. Capobianco

    Quality craftsmanship that deserves its own private ski chalet! Shearling is top-notch, cut flatters, details sing. More than a coat, it’s a reminder to savor the beauty of winter. Feeling warm and stylish.

  4. Stephanie M. Lewis

    This coat makes me feel like I can conquer any blizzard! Shearling whispers strength, the mid-length adds a touch of grace. Ready to face any challenge, even without a fire pit.

  5. Barbara T. Neill

    Obsessed with the details! Buttons echo timeless style, lining’s a snowflake constellation wink. Shearling keeps me warm, confidence level soars. This coat is a win-win.

  6. Latisha S. Lassiter

    This coat is my new winter haven. Shearling hugs me like a comforting cashmere embrace, the beige reminds me of peaceful snowfall. Plus, it looks freaking amazing.

  7. Sara T. Studdard

    Bought this for my mom, total coat connoisseur. She’s never taking it off! Quality shearling, perfect fit, the creamy beige is pure winter chic. Bonus points for the snuggle vibes.

  8. Jane D. Copeland

    B3 coat upgrade! This takes my winter wardrobe to the next level. Hidden pockets for hand warmers and secret snacks, the beige is spot-on. Feeling totally immersed in the cozy winter life.

  9. Gloria J. Martin

    Forget the hot cocoa, this coat is my personal heater! Shearling makes me feel invincible, the mid-length adds a touch of mystery. Ready to face any frost, B3 chicly.

  10. Lynette I. Smith

    Finally, a coat that says “comfy, not frumpy”! Shearling drapes beautifully, hidden pockets hold cozy secrets (or mittens). My inner fashionista is doing the happy twirl.

  11. Juliet P. Knox

    B3 bliss! Shearling whispers luxury, mid-length drapes like a warm hug, hood winks at winter wonderlands. Feeling ready to conquer blizzards or coffee dates, cozy queen style.

  12. Anna H. Lohmann

    Obsessed! Shearling is buttery soft, cut flatters every curve, toggles whisper “effortless elegance.” Ready to face chills or deadlines, always with a chic smile.

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No Compromise on Quality

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